COWBOYS back-rower Cory Paterson will complete the premiership rounds on a demanding Islamic fast after recently becoming a Muslim.

Paterson yesterday emulated Bulldogs great Hazem El Masri as just the second player in NRL history to tackle the holy month of Ramadan, which forbids Muslims from eating or drinking during daylight hours.

Given the physical demands of full-time training in tropical Townsville, it's a huge challenge that yesterday prompted discussions with North Queensland officials.

Paterson will also be involved in four matches, however all will be staged at night when he is permitted to rehydrate.

Unlike El Masri, a Muslim since birth, Paterson has never fasted before and it's understood the 24-year-old's religious conversion only took place around the time he transferred from Newcastle in June.

When contacted yesterday, Paterson confirmed he was now a Muslim and had started fasting. But he declined to elaborate until speaking with new manager Khoder Nasser, a devout Muslim who was instrumental in Anthony Mundine's conversion a decade ago.Paterson also spent yesterday afternoon discussing his new routine with North Queensland coach Neil Henry and football manager Peter Parr, both of whom were unaware of the Perth product's personal sacrifice.

Paterson convinced the pair that his ability to train or play would not be compromised, because Ramadan allows necessary exceptions based on employment - and particularly so for first-timers.

"He's explained how it won't impact on his preparation or performance," Parr told The Daily Telegraph. "There's no hard and fast rule for everyone. Given the nature of his employment, there's an opportunity there to do what he has to do (to be his best).

"It's not for me to go into Cory's personal life, other than to say that Neil (Henry) and I are comfortable with the way it's being done."

Paterson joined Nasser's camp after becoming close with stablemates Mundine and Sonny Bill Williams during the latter's preparation for a fight in Newcastle early this year.

His conversion to Islam was immediately tipped, but not confirmed until Sunday when Paterson used his Twitter account to inform followers of his impending fast.

"Big challenge for me starting tomoro (sic)," he tweeted. "Looking forward to it and the satisfaction and discipline it will bring."

Paterson subsequently received several messages of support - including one from Mundine - and peppered his replies with Arabic phrases such as "salaam" (peace) and "Insallah" (God willing). "Thank u. Will test me but Insallah it all goes well," he tweeted.

Unwanted by incoming Newcastle coach Wayne Bennett, Paterson was given permission to join North Queensland on a three-year deal mid-season.
In MY opinion, I think he's lot better than some of the actor and actress that make their life that full of schedule (.......) as a reason not to do their fasting. CHAIT!!!!~
If people that first timer try their best, why not us do better??
lets improve ourselves to be the best!

mereka hadiahNYA buatku...

Dengan nama Allah yg Maha Mengetahui..
moga Allah kekal memelihara kita....

entry ni sbenarnya dah lama yott nak buat,
tapi syek tertangguh je dsebabkan kebiziaan yg melampau2..
alhamdulillah ari ni Allah izin dan kuatkan ntuk tulis enrty nie..
apa sbenarnya yang yott nak cakap??
yott sbenarnya nak luahkan ucapan thank you sooooooo much pd:
Intan, Huda, Aqilah, Hafawati dan Fitriyah...
kalian terbaek~ moga Allah bantu kalian!!

Intan dan Huda.
mesti nama nie tak asing lagi ntuk org yg ske bce blog nh..
yup, my dormmate merangkap my rumet sekarang.
sem baru nh Allah hadiahkan lagi 3 org yg masyuk;
Qilah, Fitt and Epa kmbar Intan.
Allah hadiahkan mereka pd yott ntuk:
( sebahagian list bnda2 yg dpa suke sgt wt, eheh)
  • kejut yott malam2
  • ingatkan yott kalau solat lmbat
  • ajak yott solat brjemaah
  • jaga yott (??)
  • tolong semak bacaan quran yott
  • sabar dengar yott merepek and memekak
  • setia layan karenah yott
  • mereka ajar yott SEMUA subject sem nh
  • mereka selalu 'paksa' yott belajar
  • ingatkan yott kalau syek tengok video
  • beli makanan ntuk yott
  • mereka ingatkn yott dengan ALLAH <<< ni point paling penting
abaikan puppy nh. tp tengok caption2ny..

bukan senang nak jmpa orang yg sering ingatkan kte dengan Allah. Ramai orang bleh jadi kawan baik kte di dunia, tapi berapa ramai orang yg bleh tarik kte masuk ke syurga bersama2??? Ramai orang boleh pinjamkan kte duit dan bagi kte makanan waktu kte susah, tapi berapa ramai orang yg bleh tunjuk kat Allah yg dy nak masuk syurga bersama-sama dengan kte??  Ramai orang bleh bergayut kat tepon berjam2 ntuk dengar kawan baik luah masalah, tapi berapa ramai orang yg sanggup doa walau 5 minit agar Allah sihatkan tubuh badan dan bg kte kejayaan di dunia dan akhirat?? jom check balik hati, pernah tak terlintas kat dalam hati kte yg kte nak duduk bergelak ketawa bergurau senda di dalam SYURGA milik Allah yg kekal dengan kawan2 yg bergelak ketawa dengan kte di dunia?? kalau tak pernah, jom: perbaharui niat >>> bersahabatlah kerana Allah. kawan yang memberi manfaat adalah kawan yg sering mendekatkan kita dengan pencipta. Jangan lupa, kawan2 baik kte hari ni mmpunyai peratus yang lebih tinggi untuk menolak kte ke jurang neraka sekiranya tidak memberi apa- apa kebaikan walau sebesar zarah kepada kte. Peringatan ntuk diri sendiri juga. wallahualam.

5 orang yg di atas ni bukanlah manusia yang paling baik dmuka bumi nie. Mereka juga punyai kelemahan. Namun bagi yott, mereka sangat ISTIMEWA. insyaAllah, yott selalu doa agar kte dapat masuk syurga bersama2. ameen. SAYANG KALIAN FILLAH!! moga syurga menjadi tmpat reunion kte yang abadi.

lets improve ourselves to be the best!
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