saya sayang dia fillah!

Dengan nama Allah yg Maha Penyayang..
Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..
moga Allah kekal di hati kita...

I create this post especially for her..
she is...
my best friend..
my nice doctor..
my caring sister..
my patient teacher..
my hardworking mas'ul..
this is; JUST FOR YOU..

when did we become friends..??
I can't really remember..
it started in a very simple way..
but it grew in a very special place..
here, in MY HEART!

FRIENDSHIP is something that can last forever.
It has no vows, no rituals..
It only needs people who are willing enough
to care and make friendship a

Real friendship isn't affected by
sosial status, distance or even time..
with a real friend,
you can pick up a relationship where you left it,
no matter how far away you've been,
or how long it's been since you were together,
real friendship isn't tarnished by money or lack of it,
nor it is enhanced by prestige and success.
A real friend will always expect the best of you
and will always stand her ground in defending you.

we can never say how our friendship would go
and how we'd stay together.
All I know is that even if we'd miles apart,
you'd remain as one of the special piece of puzzle completing my life.
If everything would change and everything would fade,
still I would not break the bond we've made.

The best of friendship doesn't only show when you're together,
it shows when you're apart yet you realize that despite distance and silence,
our friendship still SURVIVES!

I may not have the widest arm to hug you when you have a problem,
I may not have the best shoulder for you to cry on when you need one,
but I do have the BIGGEST heart to keep you FOREVER..

you don't need to hear my voice to know that I care..
and you don't have to feel my touch to know that I'm here..
you just have to know that somewhere, somehow I'm always here for you.
caring quietly!

I may not be the most charming friend for you,
or someone special to be proud of..
but for just keeping me in your life is enough reason for me to say
thank you so much for letting me occupy a space!

when the day comes that you stop needing me,
I'll give you space and leave you alone..
but I'll never stop being here for you.
Because I still want to remain as someone you
never thought you'd still have..

when you don't see something,
it doesn't mean it's not there..
I may not always be visiblle,
but it doesn't take visibility for you to know
that I care..

days end so quick and time run so fast..
we never know how things would last.
but one thing is for sure,
that even without seeing each other,
I'm just here, come what may..

I can never choose the people who will come into my life,
but I can always choose the one I wanted to stay forever..
those people I know worth keeping..
just like YOU..

call me up when your heart needs company,
take my hand when you feel alone,
turn to me when you need someone to lean on.
because till time runs out..
I will always stay around..

You've been good to me,
I'm glad to have you around..
if time comes that you feel you haven't done nothing good,
just think of me!
and remember that I do believe that you're worthy enough..
to be treasured forever!

If ever I'll be gone tomorrow,
hope you won't forget the things I did for you..
even if it's not enough to satisfy you,
I just want you to know that in every single thing I did..
I just wanna be a TRUE FRIEND to you..
I may not always be there when you need me,
but a part of me laughs when you're happy..
and cries when you're sad..
the other part stays strong enough to pray for you..
thats the best things a far friend could do..

take care always dear..
sorry and thanks for everything!
may Allah bless and love our ukhwah..
lurv fillah means forever~♥

sentiasa berusaha menjadi yg terbaek di sisiNYA!


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